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Non Governmental Organization - 非营利机构与慈善组织网站设计
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Alstra 为非营利组织提供个性化的数字解决方案,包括网站设计、安全性管理和托管服务,帮助您实现使命。我们的专业团队将帮助您简化捐赠流程、提升在线可见度,并优化您的网站。

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使用 Alstra 的公共后缀 eTLD “.ngo.us” 和基于研究的自主系统,建立一个安全且高效的在线存在。符合条件的非政府组织可以免费使用域名服务和可靠的网络支持。




通过使用安全、用户友好的支付平台(如 CanadaHelps)简化捐赠流程。







搜索引擎优化(SEO)和 Google 广告补助

通过精心策划的 SEO 和有效的 Google 广告补助计划,提高您的在线可见度。

About Us

Volunteer - 非营利机构与慈善组织网站设计
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我们的使命:Alstra 非营利组织的目标是为非政府组织提供创新的数字解决方案,增强其影响力,同时确保其信息能够触及所服务的社区。我们的目标是帮助非营利组织在数字环境中取得成功,利用最前沿的技术和方法推动其事业并产生持久的影响。


Our Causes


在 Alstra,我们的事业重点是增强非营利组织的数字能力。我们倡导数字包容性、网络安全、捐赠便利性、基础设施支持和战略性宣传,以帮助非营利组织在网上蓬勃发展,并扩大其对社区的积极影响。


Digital Inclusion


Cybersecurity Advocacy


Donation Accessibility


Infrastructure Support


Strategic Outreach

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安排与我们的项目经理进行免费 15-30 分钟的咨询,讨论您的非营利组织的独特目标和数字需求。我们将提供免费的项目启动手册,指导您规划网站的结构、设计和功能。

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根据您的具体需求,我们的团队将使用可扩展的 CMS 平台(如 WordPress 或 Shopify)设计并开发用户友好的网站。我们会根据您的使命量身定制在线捐赠、多语言支持、会员系统等功能,确保与您的非营利组织完美契合。

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Web Design



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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Alstra's web development cost?
The base price of our web development services starts from $1200 CAD, depending on the number of pages you need, the complexity of your website structure, design and functionality. This price is not just for website development services, but also includes optimization of the website for mobile screen, and built-in search engine optimization (SEO). If you haven’t quite figured out where to start, that’s okay, so set up an appointment with one of our project managers and take advantage of a free 15-30 minute consulting service. We’ll help you sort through your needs and give you a free project start-up manual.
What are the features of the websites developed by Alstra?
We use expandable web content management systems such as WordPress, Shopify, etc. to design and develop for our clients, and can customize a variety of features according to their different needs, such as reservation, booking, online payment, membership system, automatic invoicing, order management, blogging system, multi-language switching, and so on.
How long does it take Alstra to develop a website?
To make it easier for you to track the progress of your project, we clearly plan deadlines before we start work. Typically, our website development cycle is around 3 weeks. It will be shorter if the website structure is simple and also if the client is quick to provide the information needed for development. It is recommended to contact us at least 4 weeks in advance in order to achieve the desired goals. Of course, if you need a website urgently, we will think of a solution for you and give you appropriate advice and solutions.
Does Alstra sign service contracts? Is there legal protection?
Of course! Alstra is a federal corporation. All the services we provide are guaranteed by contract, and the invoices issued have a CRA tax ID number, so please rest assured.
What makes Alstra different from other website builders?
Alstra is a federally registered Canadian company with many years of experience. Our attention to detail and design process is complemented by excellent technical capability in operation and maintenance. Our project director will follow up with you to efficiently communicate your needs and customize the best solution for you. If you have online e-commerce payment collection needs, we have partnered with one of Canada’s largest local payment providers to offer you better rates than others.
What materials do clients need to prepare for the website production process? How to communicate?
During the development process, you only need to provide the necessary documents, such as company logo, color scheme suggestions, copywriting content and other references, and attend a few meetings to communicate ideas in a timely manner. All meetings are conducted through Google Meet video conferencing or phone calls, and the information is mainly transmitted by email.
Does Alstra provide domain name registration services?
We recommend that you register your domain name under your own name, as it is like a house number for your website and it is in your best interest to have control over it. If you want, we can also register it for you. Domain name registrars usually charge around $10-15 CAD per year.
Does Alstra provide web server hosting?
Our server hosting prices start as low as $5 CAD per month, and all of our websites run on dedicated servers that do not share system resources with others. We also configure the global CDN acceleration for the website, no matter where the user is, can open your website in seconds. In addition, we have independently developed a proprietary website firewall, which can block most network penetration attacks and protect the security of your website.
Will the website incur any other costs besides the server after the site is live?
Upon completion of the website, we will hand over 100% ownership and control to you. Alstra has developed an easy-to-understand back-end, so that you are fully capable of modifying, editing and maintaining the content of the website on your own in the future. If you need us to make changes or extensions, we will quote you separately and keep our pricing transparent. We will also provide you with a guidebook to show you how to manage your website. If you just can’t find the time, we also have value-added packages that offer website maintenance and monitoring services, as well as additional training services for website operation and management.


What if the quote has to be adjusted during the production process?
Quotation adjustments are usually caused by the client’s request to expand the content scale or functionality during the development process. In order to avoid this situation leading to disputes, we will confirm the scale of the website with the client before the start of the project and provide a quote accordingly based on the content and functional requirements of the website. If the size of the website or the client’s requirements change during the development process, Alstra will continue to communicate with the client to confirm and ensure the quality of the finished product. All the services we provide are guaranteed by a contract, which is signed by both parties before the development work is carried out.

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通过与我们的项目经理之一安排免费 15-30 分钟的咨询,开启您非营利组织的数字化旅程。我们将帮助您明确目标,制定个性化策略,并提供免费的项目启动指南。我们将共同构建一个安全、有影响力的在线存在,提升您的事业并与最重要的人群建立联系。今天就联系我们,迈出数字化赋能您使命的第一步!

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