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China-optimized Website Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable and fast website hosting service in China? Look no further than our China-optimized website hosting service powered by CN2-GIA networking. Our data center provides fast servers, strong security, and a maintenance and backup solution to ensure your website is always up and running, serving your business for years to come.

Fast and Stable Networking

We understand the importance of having a fast and stable network connection for your website visitors in China. That's why we rely on CN2-GIA networking to provide the fastest and most reliable network connection available.

Servers Built for Performance

Our servers are designed to give you the best hosting experience possible. We use high-performance servers to provide quick loading times, unlimited traffic and a stable connection to ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently.

Support You Can Trust

At Alstra, we value our customers and strive to provide the best support possible. Our in-house support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Committed to security

We take security seriously at Alstra. Our servers are equipped with increased security measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection. We also use a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to protect your hosting.

Ready to Get Started?

We are here to help you build and grow your business in China. Contact us today to learn more about our China-optimized website hosting service and get started!

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