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Mastodon Server Installation & Setup Service

Goodbye Twitter, hello Mastodon!

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a social media platform that works similarly to Twitter. It is an open source and decentralized platform that allows users to create their own servers, called “instances,” and communicate with other users across different instances. It is a great alternative to Twitter and is growing in popularity.

Why do organizations want to set up their own Mastodon server?

Rather than staying with Twitter, organizations may want to set up their own Mastodon account or server to benefit from greater control over the content they share. Mastodon is more decentralized and user-friendly, allowing organizations to control the topics that are discussed and the people who can access the content. It also provides more flexibility in terms of customizing the design and layout of the account. Lastly, Mastodon is more privacy focused than Twitter, which makes it attractive to organizations who need to protect sensitive information. For example, the European Union has set up its own Mastodon servers. The EU-hosted Mastodon servers are a part of the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy and are intended to provide a “safe and trusted” space for European citizens to interact online. Their Mastodon instance is run by the European Commission.

Service Options

Server installation

Server optimization

Security hardening

Backup and maintenance

Mastodon server installation

Our team of experienced professionals will install and configure a Mastodon instance to run on your hosting environment. This includes setting up the required software and databases and making sure your instance is ready to start serving your users.

Mastodon server optimization

We will optimize your Mastodon instance for the best possible performance, ensuring that your users have a smooth experience. This includes configuring the server software, database, caching and other settings to ensure optimal performance.

Mastodon server security hardening

We will harden the security of your Mastodon instance. This includes configuring security settings, setting up appropriate firewalls, and other steps to secure your instance.

Mastodon instance backup and routine maintenance

We will take regular backups of your instance and perform routine maintenance tasks to ensure your instance is running smoothly. This includes keeping your software up to date, optimizing your database, and other tasks to keep your instance running like clockwork.

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