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Many website design firms are solely concerned with the appearance of the website. They are not experts in search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, functionality, or speed. You need web designers who can create websites that are well optimized in every aspect that impacts your lifeline.

Styling is about the appearance. Design is about the experience.

Working with a web design agency like Alstra on your project gives you access to a broad variety of web design and development services, from initial site development to tracking the success of your finished website.

Explore & Discovery

The first phase of a project entails determining the client’s immediate needs and long-term goals. We learn about your brand and determine how we can best assist. Our strategy outlines your objective and establishes a solid foundation for you.

Planning & Analysis

We discuss, among other things, desired functionality, timelines, package, risks, and constraints. We define the scope of the project, propose a project plan, and provide a cost estimate.

Design & Development

Once the client has approved the project plan, our graphic designers create concept elements that are consistent with your corporate branding and identity. Following that, we develop the website’s core components and begin converting concepts into functional web elements. We will assist you in making an outstanding first impression online by using cutting-edge tools.

Testing & Launch

We stage the website on our servers throughout the development process to provide updates to clients and for testing purposes.
After completion and successful testing, the website is made public, and the website will be transferred to the client.

Support & Maintenance

Based on user feedback, we work closely with the client after the launch to provide issue fixes, training, and documentation to ensure the website is ready to use.

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