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In an era where many web design companies focus solely on visual appeal, Alstra Solutions takes a different path. Our web design team understands that a successful website needs more than just aesthetic beauty; it must excel in user experience, server stability, and load speed. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring your website stands out in a competitive market. Not only will it look captivating, but it will also provide a smooth, stable browsing experience, making your brand shine among many.

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Styling is about the appearance.

Design is about the experience.

Choosing Alstra Solutions means partnering with a seasoned expert. We not only know how to build websites but also how to enhance your brand image and attract potential customers through them. Contact us now to start your digital transformation journey.


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Handcrafted Responsive Web Design

Our design philosophy focuses on creating responsive websites, meaning your site will intelligently adapt to different screen sizes, whether accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. This design approach ensures that your website looks professional and modern, providing an effortless information retrieval experience across all devices, thereby boosting user satisfaction and engagement.

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Balanced Visual and User Experience

At Alstra, we offer more than just web design and development services. We promise a transparent partnership from the ground up. From day one, we work closely with you, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the entire design and development process. We believe that good communication is key to success, guiding you step by step to ensure your ideas and needs are precisely reflected in every aspect of your website.

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Solving Your Website Challenges, Reinventing Your Online Presence

Alstra offers solutions for the following challenges:

  • Poor Website Performance: If your outdated website fails to attract traffic, our redesign services will help you surpass competitors and reclaim lost market share.
  • DIY Attempts: Building a site yourself or relying on non-professional teams often leads to unsatisfactory results. Choose Alstra for a professionally crafted website.
  • Damaged Brand Image: Template websites, though cost-effective, often fail to showcase brand uniqueness and may harm your brand image. We ensure your website is unique and aligns with your brand identity through custom design.

Initial Exploration and Understanding

At the start of your project, we engage in detailed discussions to thoroughly understand your vision and requirements for the website. We are not only concerned with your current expectations but also focused on the long-term, drawing a future blueprint with you. Our first step is to deeply understand your brand and analyze how to achieve your business goals through an online platform, laying a solid foundation for your project.


Precise Planning and Cost Control

We will conduct a precise analysis of your market positioning to ensure the website design style complements your brand image. During this phase, we define the project scope and provide a detailed cost estimate, aiming to optimize resource allocation while ensuring smooth project execution.

Innovative Design and Building

Once the plan is finalized, our creative designers will start the creation process, tailoring a visually appealing interface that aligns with your brand essence. Our technical team will then bring these design concepts to life using powerful platforms like WordPress and Shopify, incorporating features such as booking systems, online payments, and membership management to ensure your website is not only beautiful but also highly functional.

Rigorous Testing and Smooth Launch

Throughout the development process, we rigorously test every detail of the website in a private environment to ensure all functions operate stably. Only when you are completely satisfied will we officially launch the site to the public, ensuring it is in its best state to welcome every visitor.

Continuous Support and Worry-free Maintenance

After the website goes live, our support team will continuously monitor its performance, making necessary adjustments and optimizations based on user feedback. We provide solutions to any issues, operation training, and technical documentation to ensure the long-term stability and security of your website. Choosing us means opting for ongoing care and professional assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Alstra's web development cost?

The base price of our web development services starts from $1200 CAD, depending on the number of pages you need, the complexity of your website structure, design and functionality. This price is not just for website development services, but also includes optimization of the website for mobile screen, and built-in search engine optimization (SEO). If you haven't quite figured out where to start, that's okay, so set up an appointment with one of our project managers and take advantage of a free 15-30 minute consulting service. We'll help you sort through your needs and give you a free project start-up manual.

What are the features of the websites developed by Alstra?

We use expandable web content management systems such as WordPress, Shopify, etc. to design and develop for our clients, and can customize a variety of features according to their different needs, such as reservation, booking, online payment, membership system, automatic invoicing, order management, blogging system, multi-language switching, and so on.

How long does it take Alstra to develop a website?

To make it easier for you to track the progress of your project, we clearly plan deadlines before we start work. Typically, our website development cycle is around 3 weeks. It will be shorter if the website structure is simple and also if the client is quick to provide the information needed for development. It is recommended to contact us at least 4 weeks in advance in order to achieve the desired goals. Of course, if you need a website urgently, we will think of a solution for you and give you appropriate advice and solutions.

Does Alstra sign service contracts? Is there legal protection?

Of course! Alstra is a federal corporation. All the services we provide are guaranteed by contract, and the invoices issued have a CRA tax ID number, so please rest assured.

What makes Alstra different from other website builders?

Alstra is a federally registered Canadian company with many years of experience. Our attention to detail and design process is complemented by excellent technical capability in operation and maintenance. Our project director will follow up with you to efficiently communicate your needs and customize the best solution for you. If you have online e-commerce payment collection needs, we have partnered with one of Canada's largest local payment providers to offer you better rates than others.

What materials do clients need to prepare for the website production process? How to communicate?

During the development process, you only need to provide the necessary documents, such as company logo, color scheme suggestions, copywriting content and other references, and attend a few meetings to communicate ideas in a timely manner. All meetings are conducted through Google Meet video conferencing or phone calls, and the information is mainly transmitted by email; you can also add our WeChat for communication, all for your convenience first.

Does Alstra provide domain name registration services?

We recommend that you register your domain name under your own name, as it is like a house number for your website and it is in your best interest to have control over it. If you want, we can also register it for you. Domain name registrars usually charge around $10-15 CAD per year.

Does Alstra provide web server hosting?

Our server hosting prices start at $10 CAD per month, and all of our websites run on dedicated servers that do not share system resources with others. We also configure the global CDN acceleration for the website, no matter where the user is, can open your website in seconds. In addition, we have independently developed a proprietary website firewall, which can block most network penetration attacks and protect the security of your website.

Will the website incur any other costs besides the server after the site is live?

Upon completion of the website, we will hand over 100% ownership and control to you. Alstra has developed an easy-to-understand back-end, so that you are fully capable of modifying, editing and maintaining the content of the website on your own in the future. If you need us to make changes or extensions, we will quote you separately and keep our pricing transparent. We will also provide you with a guidebook to show you how to manage your website. If you just can't find the time, we also have value-added packages that offer website maintenance and monitoring services, as well as additional training services for website operation and management.

What if the quote has to be adjusted during the production process?

Quotation adjustments are usually caused by the client's request to expand the content scale or functionality during the development process. In order to avoid this situation leading to disputes, we will confirm the scale of the website with the client before the start of the project and provide a quote accordingly based on the content and functional requirements of the website. If the size of the website or the client's requirements change during the development process, Alstra will continue to communicate with the client to confirm and ensure the quality of the finished product. All the services we provide are guaranteed by a contract, which is signed by both parties before the development work is carried out.

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Healthcare Industry

In the vast and complex field of healthcare, our website designs aim to simplify information access, ensuring patients can easily find the services they need. Key elements such as clear navigation, professional content presentation, and strict adherence to privacy and security standards are integral to our healthcare website development process.

Corporate Website Design

Whether for startups or established companies, our tailored website designs are crafted to enhance brand image and drive business growth. With modern designs and user-friendly interfaces, we not only improve visitor browsing experiences but also inject new energy into your business. We also offer modernization of outdated websites, breathing new life into your online presence.

Real Estate Agent Websites with MLS Search Engine

We build super engines for real estate databases that seamlessly integrate with CREA DDF®, automatically updating MLS® listings daily. Our solutions adhere to regulations and offer diverse browsing options, significantly enhancing the property search experience.

Education Industry

In the digital age, the online presence of educational institutions is crucial for admissions and fundraising. We create websites for schools, colleges, and training institutions that strengthen their brand and optimize online experiences, fostering effective communication with students, parents, and the broader community.

Online Class Platforms and Integrated Teaching Management Systems for Educational Institutions

We offer deployment and customization services for the Moodle platform, creating an online learning ecosystem. Our solutions enhance information display and improve education management levels and teaching quality from multiple dimensions.

Online Booking and Reservation System

We help various businesses implement 24/7 online booking, payment processing, and customer reminders. Our system supports real-time calendar synchronisation, improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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