Specialty Website Building for Supply Chain and Wholesale Businesses

by | May 13, 2022 | Industry

Online marketing and eCommerce for supply chain businesses present unique opportunities and challenges compared to retail or consumer-focused websites. Alstra has a specialized insight of these difficulties.

Supplychain marketing is bidirectional

Supply-chain businesses need contents that market to both purchasers and vendors. Using our design, you may harness the brand strength of the product lines you carry to attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships. Delicately allocated spacing for individual brands will also direct focus where you want it to go.

In addition, while negotiating with new vendors and suppliers, a well-designed website with optimal space utilization is a powerful asset. When extending out to newer vendors and brands, your company’s website is the first impression they will get. Your potential suppliers will have a better understanding of how they will be able to access a new market segment through your business if you have a website that is optimized to showcase their brand and products.

Wholesaling eCommerce operates differently

Tiered pricing, membership restrictions, brand specific campaigns, highly specialized product categories, manufacturer warranty, product training and registration, seasonal product cycles, pick-ups, and shipments…  These are a few of the unique standards for wholesaling that retail websites typically do not have to meet. We at Alstra have expertise in working with niche industries and will provide you with a design that is customized to your working process and offers the greatest user experience for your buyers as well as staff members.

Specialized SEO

No matter how niche your sector is, Alstra can find the optimal SEO strategy for your wholesale company. We understand how to maximize the value of the products and brands your company carries and will you in developing both high-quality and high-quantity content. We will also implement a geographically specialized strategy and connect your enterprises with previously unreached buyers.

In past projects, our clients’ organic search impressions and website traffic were increased by twofold. Alstra will assist you in monitoring industry trends, brand expansion, and user experience in order to optimize your growth potential.

Online solutions

A web-based platform will facilitate the streamlining of your workflow. Whether it is directing your customers to the right resources and documentations, collecting information for product warranties or registrations, acting as a hub for various online marketing campaigns, or simply enabling your staff to easily find the right information, we will design your wholesale business website to be a one-stop solution based on the unique specifications.

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